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No. 26 - Yucca brevifolia - Postcard Set of 10

No. 26 - Yucca brevifolia - Postcard Set of 10

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Yucca brevifolia, also known as the Joshua tree, is native to the American Southwest from southern California to Utah where it thrives in the high elevation Mojave Desert.

This tree-like Yucca can dominate the landscape in certain habitats and can reach heights over 30 feet within a couple hundred years. Y. brevifolia is host to numerous species of migratory birds by providing a safe nesting habitat.

Densely packed creamy, white flowers appear on terminal panicles nearing two feet in length. Yucca moths (Tegeticula sp.) are the exclusive pollinators for Y. brevifolia. While the flowers do not produce nectar, they provide habitat for the moths that will lay their eggs inside the flowers. This high level of specificity suggests that the moths and the Yucca have coevolved over time.

Year: 2022
Theme: American Deserts
Month: January
Design: #26
Plant: Yucca brevifolia

Product: You are purchasing a set of 10 identical postcards


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