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No. 17 - Moraea neopavonia - Postcard Set of 10

No. 17 - Moraea neopavonia - Postcard Set of 10

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Morea neopavonia (Syn. M. tulbaghensis), sometimes known as Uintjie, is a perennial bulb in the Iris family (Iridaceae) that grows in the Northwest and Southwest Cape. This species can be seen growing in clay flats in Renosterveld.

M. neopavonia exhibits a vibrant orange flower in spring with blue, black, green, or no nectar guides. The patterns on the tepals help guide insects to portions of the flower that may contain nectar, increasing the flower’s chance of getting pollinated. In our illustration, these areas are blue.

Originally its own species, M. neopavonia has recently been merged with M. tulbaghensis due to indistinguishable characteristics and intermediate morphologies between the two.

Year: 2021
Theme: Flora of the Western Cape
Month: April
Design: #17
Plant: Moraea neopavonia

Product: You are purchasing a set of 10 identical postcards


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