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No. 13 - Romulea sabulosa - Postcard Set of 10

No. 13 - Romulea sabulosa - Postcard Set of 10

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Romulea sabulosa, an Iris relative, is a large-flowered, perennial species native to South Africa. It can be found blooming when rainfall is present during the winter and spring on the Bokkeveld Plateau of the Northwestern Cape. 

R. sabulosa is a geophyte, having an underground corm which lies dormant for part of the year. Research has shown that Romulea species are pollinated by a relatively narrow range of pollinators. R. sabulosa belongs to a group within this genus that is pollinated almost exclusively by hopliine scarab beetles, which are important pollinators for numerous endemic Cape species.

Year: 2021
Theme: Flora of the Western Cape
Month: January
Design: #13
Plant: Romulea sabulosa

Product: You are purchasing a set of 10 identical postcards


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